Sierra Star

   Type:  Modular

   Location:  Mammoth Lakes, CA

   Project Size:  70,000 sq ft

   Year Designed:  2006

   Architect:  Westwind Design Group

   Manufacturer:  Guerdon Enterprises



The Sierra Star Project is workforce housing in Mammoth Lakes,
California.  Given the short construction season and the lack of
available labor, the project was converted from site-built to modular
construction.  Floor plans were unchanged for the conversion.

The project is a series of townhouse buildings, each comprised of two
levels of factory-built modules.  In order to provide steeper roof slopes,
the roof sections were separate modules as well, capping the completed
units below.


32001 32nd Ave South - Suite 320 - Federal Way,  WA  98001
P:  253.835.0810   F:  253.835.0813