Metropolitan Towers

   Type:  Multi-Family

   Location:  Tacoma, WA

   Project Size:  165,000 sq ft

   Year Designed:   2000

   Architect:  Ronhovde Architects LLC



Metropolitan Towers has six levels of timber framing over four levels of post-tensioned concrete construction.  The accumulated loads from six levels of framing with varying bearing conditions created numerous bearing wall design cases.  In order to clearly indicate the shear and bearing wall requirements, the framing plans were split for each level:  a wall framing plan and a floor
framing plan.

In order to facilitate alternate products, the design schedules give both material specifications and design load requirements.  By using the specified loads, the contractor was able to use an alternate holdown system, saving $50,000 in hardware costs.

32001 32nd Ave South - Suite 320 - Federal Wayy,  WA  98001
P:  253.835.0810   F:  253.835.0813